Windows and Doors

When it comes to saving money in winter in Maine, new doors and windows can be a huge advantage. Many times we find the customers doors are old and not sealing properly. This can lead to huge amounts of heat loss and potential moisture penetration. We can install new doors with proper weather stripping to ensure little to no heat loss, as well as repair old weather stripping to make that old door you’re fond of hold up against the upcoming weather.

In the door world, there is an unlimited amount of possibilities. Our goal is to help the customer to understand what their options are, and show them how to make it a reality in their home or business.

Many people have been told that new windows can raise the value of their property. This, however, is a misconception. New windows do not, in most cases, add value to a property. They are one of those elements that is expected to be functioning, in working condition and maintained. Windows, especially new windows, can be a huge tool to saving money that would otherwise be lost. Properly installed, insulated, sealed and trimmed windows can save you thousands on heating and cooling costs. Whether it is a new install or a replacement window, we can help you find the right windows for your property.

We are in the business of saving our customers money and giving them options.