CP Construction is a General Contractor serving the Greater Bangor and Northern Penobscot county for residential and commercial building for ten years. Working for CP Construction provides the opportunity to work on a variety of projects from septics and foundations up and including the complete construction of homes. As a member of the team, you will have an opportunity to work in an atmosphere where the employees are looking to complete a quality job in a timely manner.

Employment Application

Job Openings

Jobsite Supervisor:
The Jobsite Supervisor position is responsible for helping to plan and making sure the daily tasks are completed so that the project continues to progress toward completion. The qualified candidate must be able to understand the goals of the entire project and understand how the varied portions of the project work together toward completion. He will keep in communication with the owner to report on the project daily. He must be able to solve any difficulties which might occur each day. He must be able to look ahead to have materials on site so that work is not delayed. He must be able to explain to others
the work which they need to accomplish in an efficient manner. Compensation will be decided based upon experience and abilities.

Experienced Carpenter:
The Experienced Carpenter position is open to those who have worked in the construction trade and have gained the needed experience to complete a task without constant, direct supervision. The qualified candidate must be capable of accurate measuring and lay out of construction. He must be able to perform mathematical functions that are necessary to constructing a building. He must be willing to work together with the supervisor to accomplish the needed tasks for each day.

The Helper/Apprentice position is open to recent graduates eager to begin a career in the construction trade or to those who are looking to change career fields to a trade. The qualified candidate must be willing to follow instructions, be able to climb ladders, and be able to move materials around the jobsite. His responsibilities will include but are not limited to helping those who leading in the daily task.