General Contracting

Many of our customers are unsure what a General Contractor, or GC, is, and what we do for the customer. The biggest advantage to hiring a GC is the organizing, coordinating and scheduling of the construction project. With our beginning in electrical wire, as an electrician we worked throughout the entire construction schedule of every project. Knowing how every project functions from start to finish has been our profession for over 15 years. From breaking ground to the finished product, we make sure multiple contractors of all trades are where they need to be when they need to be there.

The next most important thing to understand about your GC is: they should have a fair amount of hands on experience in every type of work they are organizing. Our background at CP Construction is one of many hands. We maintain a staff that can handle almost any task presented to us in the event a contractor is unavailable.

Residential and Commercial Building Projects

Do you have a vision for a future commercial or residential project? Are you looking for a company that can build it to suit your needs without overrunning your budget? Do you need to find a builder with a record of building homes and commercial buildings to client specifications? In the Bangor, Maine area CP Construction is a name you can trust.

Protect Your Investment

Construction of a new residential or commercial building represents an important stage in a buyer’s investment in real estate. Consumers want to place their trust in a construction company with a proven history of completing high-quality projects. Every project originates in the mind of the future owner and takes shape through the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team. We provide dedicated workers who get down in the trenches and use hard work and sweat to bring your project to life.

Building For Residential

If you want to build a new home in the beautiful state of Maine, form a partnership with CP Construction. As a trusted partner in the building industry, we have faithfully served customers for over fifteen years. Our in-house electricians also hold licenses to operate in three states. Working together, we ensure your new structure is built to last in the harsh climate of Maine and will keep you comfortable throughout the year. We’ll help you choose the right design and architectural features, as well as finishing materials and appliances to match the prevailing styles in the Northeast.

Homeowners Make Tough Choices

We deliver quality construction in every stage to protect your long-term investment in a new home. To meet your timeline, we help you make tough choices. Let’s discuss how a new home will provide enough square footage and creative use of indoor space, fitting the needs of your household now and fifteen years from now. No matter who will occupy the residence, get a unique design that is environmentally sound and meets or exceeds building codes.

Building Commercial

Commercial projects are a passion for our talented professionals. At CP Construction, we strive to provide affordable approaches to new projects by asking questions until we understand your needs. Spending time on the front end, we believe, ensures you get the best commercial building for your money.

Maximize Your Commercial Space

Building for business owners requires attention to how future occupants must maximize the use of space and maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for businesses. Such buildings must be constructed from durable materials using proven techniques. These buildings must stand the test of time. From the first time you contact us, we will help you articulate your requirements for a commercial building structure.

We Meet Deadlines

Let us work within your new construction building budget and proposed deadline for occupancy. We will hire the most talented subcontractors while managing costs, ensuring you get quality and dependability in every building feature. We love the challenge of planning and executing your building project and earning your future referrals.